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Title: HLine Element#

Dependencies: Bokeh 3.2

Backends: Matplotlib, Bokeh

import numpy as np
import holoviews as hv


The VSpans element is a type of annotation that can mark multiple spans along the x-axis. It accepts a list of start and end x-coordinates and will draw vertical spans at each location. This has the advantage over VSpan of being able to draw multiple spans at once and also being able to get hover information for each of the span.

x_start = np.arange(10)
x_end = x_start + np.random.random(size=10) / 2
hv.VSpans((x_start, x_end)).opts(tools=['hover'], color='red')

For full documentation and the available style and plot options, use hv.help(hv.VSpans).

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