Route Chord#

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import holoviews as hv
from holoviews import opts, dim
from bokeh.sampledata.airport_routes import routes, airports


Declare data#

# Count the routes between Airports
route_counts = routes.groupby(['SourceID', 'DestinationID']).Stops.count().reset_index()
nodes = hv.Dataset(airports, 'AirportID', 'City')
chord = hv.Chord((route_counts, nodes), ['SourceID', 'DestinationID'], ['Stops'])

# Select the 20 busiest airports
busiest = list(routes.groupby('SourceID').count().sort_values('Stops').iloc[-20:].index.values)
busiest_airports =, selection_mode='nodes')


    opts.Chord(cmap='Category20', edge_color=dim('SourceID').str(), 
               height=800, labels='City', node_color=dim('AirportID').str(), width=800))
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