Source code for holoviews.plotting.mpl

from __future__ import absolute_import, division, unicode_literals

import os

from matplotlib import rc_params_from_file
from matplotlib.colors import ListedColormap, LinearSegmentedColormap
from import register_cmap
from param import concrete_descendents
from colorcet import kbc

from ...core import Layout, Collator, GridMatrix, config
from ...core.options import Cycle, Palette, Options
from ...core.overlay import NdOverlay, Overlay
from ...core.util import LooseVersion, pd
from ...element import * # noqa (API import)
from ..plot import PlotSelector
from ..util import fire_colors
from .annotation import * # noqa (API import)
from .chart import * # noqa (API import)
from .chart3d import * # noqa (API import)
from .element import ElementPlot
from .geometry import * # noqa (API import)
from .graphs import * # noqa (API import)
from .heatmap import * # noqa (API import)
from .hex_tiles import * # noqa (API import)
from .path import * # noqa (API import)
from .plot import * # noqa (API import)
from .raster import * # noqa (API import)
from .sankey import * # noqa (API import)
from .stats import * # noqa (API import)
from .tabular import * # noqa (API import)

from .renderer import MPLRenderer

mpl_ge_150 = LooseVersion(mpl.__version__) >= LooseVersion('1.5.0')

if pd:
        from pandas.plotting import register_matplotlib_converters
    except ImportError:
        from pandas.tseries import converter

[docs]def set_style(key): """ Select a style by name, e.g. set_style('default'). To revert to the previous style use the key 'unset' or False. """ if key is None: return elif not key or key in ['unset', 'backup']: if 'backup' in styles: plt.rcParams.update(styles['backup']) else: raise Exception('No style backed up to restore') elif key not in styles: raise KeyError('%r not in available styles.') else: path = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), styles[key]) new_style = rc_params_from_file(path, use_default_template=False) styles['backup'] = dict(plt.rcParams) plt.rcParams.update(new_style)
# Define matplotlib based style cycles and Palettes def get_color_cycle(): if mpl_ge_150: cyl = mpl.rcParams['axes.prop_cycle'] # matplotlib 1.5 verifies that axes.prop_cycle *is* a cycler # but no guarantee that there's a `color` key. # so users could have a custom rcParams w/ no color... try: return [x['color'] for x in cyl] except KeyError: pass # just return axes.color style below return mpl.rcParams['axes.color_cycle'] styles = {'default': './default.mplstyle', 'default>1.5': './default1.5.mplstyle'} # Define Palettes and cycles from matplotlib colormaps Palette.colormaps.update({cm: plt.get_cmap(cm) for cm in if not ('spectral' in cm or 'Vega' in cm)}) listed_cmaps = [cm for cm in Palette.colormaps.values() if isinstance(cm, ListedColormap)] Cycle.default_cycles.update({ list(cm.colors) for cm in listed_cmaps}) style_aliases = {'edgecolor': ['ec', 'ecolor'], 'facecolor': ['fc'], 'linewidth': ['lw'], 'edgecolors': ['ec', 'edgecolor'], 'size': ['s'], 'color': ['c'], 'markeredgecolor': ['mec'], 'markeredgewidth': ['mew'], 'markerfacecolor': ['mfc'], 'markersize': ['ms']} Store.renderers['matplotlib'] = MPLRenderer.instance() if len(Store.renderers) == 1: Store.set_current_backend('matplotlib') # Defines a wrapper around GridPlot and RasterGridPlot # switching to RasterGridPlot if the plot only contains # Raster Elements BasicGridPlot = GridPlot def grid_selector(grid): raster_fn = lambda x: True if isinstance(x, Raster) else False all_raster = all(grid.traverse(raster_fn, [Element])) return 'RasterGridPlot' if all_raster else 'GridPlot' GridPlot = PlotSelector(grid_selector, plot_classes=[('GridPlot', BasicGridPlot), ('RasterGridPlot', RasterGridPlot)]) # Register default Elements Store.register({Curve: CurvePlot, Scatter: PointPlot, Bars: BarPlot, Histogram: HistogramPlot, Points: PointPlot, VectorField: VectorFieldPlot, ErrorBars: ErrorPlot, Spread: SpreadPlot, Spikes: SpikesPlot, BoxWhisker: BoxPlot, Area: AreaPlot, # General plots GridSpace: GridPlot, GridMatrix: GridPlot, NdLayout: LayoutPlot, Layout: LayoutPlot, AdjointLayout: AdjointLayoutPlot, # Element plots NdOverlay: OverlayPlot, Overlay: OverlayPlot, # Chart 3D Surface: SurfacePlot, TriSurface: TriSurfacePlot, Trisurface: TriSurfacePlot, # Alias, remove in 2.0 Scatter3D: Scatter3DPlot, Path3D: Path3DPlot, # Tabular plots ItemTable: TablePlot, Table: TablePlot, Collator: TablePlot, # Raster plots QuadMesh: QuadMeshPlot, Raster: RasterPlot, HeatMap: PlotSelector(HeatMapPlot.is_radial, {True: RadialHeatMapPlot, False: HeatMapPlot}, True), Image: RasterPlot, RGB: RGBPlot, HSV: RGBPlot, # Graph Elements Graph: GraphPlot, TriMesh: TriMeshPlot, Chord: ChordPlot, Nodes: PointPlot, EdgePaths: PathPlot, Sankey: SankeyPlot, # Annotation plots VLine: VLinePlot, HLine: HLinePlot, VSpan: VSpanPlot, HSpan: HSpanPlot, Slope: SlopePlot, Arrow: ArrowPlot, Spline: SplinePlot, Text: TextPlot, Labels: LabelsPlot, # Path plots Contours: ContourPlot, Path: PathPlot, Box: PathPlot, Bounds: PathPlot, Ellipse: PathPlot, Polygons: PolygonPlot, # Geometry plots Rectangles: RectanglesPlot, Segments: SegmentPlot, # Statistics elements Distribution: DistributionPlot, Bivariate: BivariatePlot, Violin: ViolinPlot, HexTiles: HexTilesPlot}, 'matplotlib', style_aliases=style_aliases) MPLPlot.sideplots.update({Histogram: SideHistogramPlot, Area: SideAreaPlot, GridSpace: GridPlot, Spikes: SideSpikesPlot, BoxWhisker: SideBoxPlot}) if config.no_padding: for plot in concrete_descendents(ElementPlot).values(): plot.padding = 0 # Raster types, Path types and VectorField should have frames for framedcls in [VectorFieldPlot, ContourPlot, PathPlot, RasterPlot, QuadMeshPlot, HeatMapPlot, PolygonPlot]: framedcls.show_frame = True fire_cmap = LinearSegmentedColormap.from_list("fire", fire_colors, N=len(fire_colors)) fire_r_cmap = LinearSegmentedColormap.from_list("fire_r", list(reversed(fire_colors)), N=len(fire_colors)) register_cmap("fire", cmap=fire_cmap) register_cmap("fire_r", cmap=fire_r_cmap) register_cmap('kbc_r', cmap=LinearSegmentedColormap.from_list('kbc_r', list(reversed(kbc)), N=len(kbc))) options = Store.options(backend='matplotlib') dflt_cmap = config.default_cmap # Default option definitions # Note: *No*short aliases here! e.g. use 'facecolor' instead of 'fc' # Charts options.Curve = Options('style', color=Cycle(), linewidth=2) options.Scatter = Options('style', color=Cycle(), marker='o', cmap=dflt_cmap) options.Points = Options('plot', show_frame=True) options.ErrorBars = Options('style', edgecolor='k') options.Spread = Options('style', facecolor=Cycle(), alpha=0.6, edgecolor='k', linewidth=0.5) options.Bars = Options('style', edgecolor='k', color=Cycle()) options.Histogram = Options('style', edgecolor='k', facecolor=Cycle()) options.Points = Options('style', color=Cycle(), marker='o', cmap=dflt_cmap) options.Scatter3D = Options('style', c=Cycle(), marker='o') options.Scatter3D = Options('plot', fig_size=150) options.Path3D = Options('plot', fig_size=150) options.Surface = Options('plot', fig_size=150) options.Surface = Options('style', cmap='fire') options.Spikes = Options('style', color='black', cmap=dflt_cmap) options.Area = Options('style', facecolor=Cycle(), edgecolor='black') options.BoxWhisker = Options('style', boxprops=dict(color='k', linewidth=1.5), whiskerprops=dict(color='k', linewidth=1.5)) # Geometries options.Rectangles = Options('style', edgecolor='black') # Rasters options.Image = Options('style', cmap=config.default_gridded_cmap, interpolation='nearest') options.Raster = Options('style', cmap=config.default_gridded_cmap, interpolation='nearest') options.QuadMesh = Options('style', cmap=config.default_gridded_cmap) options.HeatMap = Options('style', cmap=config.default_heatmap_cmap, edgecolors='white', annular_edgecolors='white', annular_linewidth=0.5, xmarks_edgecolor='white', xmarks_linewidth=3, ymarks_edgecolor='white', ymarks_linewidth=3, linewidths=0) options.HeatMap = Options('plot', show_values=True) options.RGB = Options('style', interpolation='nearest') # Composites options.Layout = Options('plot', sublabel_format='{Alpha}') options.GridMatrix = Options('plot', fig_size=160, shared_xaxis=True, shared_yaxis=True, xaxis=None, yaxis=None) # Annotations options.VLine = Options('style', color=Cycle()) options.HLine = Options('style', color=Cycle()) options.Slope = Options('style', color=Cycle()) options.VSpan = Options('style', alpha=0.5, facecolor=Cycle()) options.HSpan = Options('style', alpha=0.5, facecolor=Cycle()) options.Spline = Options('style', edgecolor=Cycle()) options.Arrow = Options('style', color='k', linewidth=2, textsize=13) # Paths options.Contours = Options('style', color=Cycle(), cmap=dflt_cmap) options.Contours = Options('plot', show_legend=True) options.Path = Options('style', color=Cycle(), cmap=dflt_cmap) options.Polygons = Options('style', facecolor=Cycle(), edgecolor='black', cmap=dflt_cmap) options.Rectangles = Options('style', cmap=dflt_cmap) options.Segments = Options('style', cmap=dflt_cmap) options.Box = Options('style', color='black') options.Bounds = Options('style', color='black') options.Ellipse = Options('style', color='black') # Interface options.TimeSeries = Options('style', color=Cycle()) # Graphs options.Graph = Options('style', node_edgecolors='black', node_facecolors=Cycle(), edge_color='black', node_size=15) options.TriMesh = Options('style', node_edgecolors='black', node_facecolors='white', edge_color='black', node_size=5, edge_linewidth=1, cmap=dflt_cmap) options.Chord = Options('style', node_edgecolors='black', node_facecolors=Cycle(), edge_color='black', node_size=10, edge_linewidth=0.5) options.Chord = Options('plot', xaxis=None, yaxis=None) options.Nodes = Options('style', edgecolors='black', facecolors=Cycle(), marker='o', s=20**2) options.EdgePaths = Options('style', color='black') options.Sankey = Options('plot', xaxis=None, yaxis=None, fig_size=400, aspect=1.6, show_frame=False) options.Sankey = Options('style', edge_color='grey', node_edgecolors='black', edge_alpha=0.6, node_size=6) # Statistics options.Distribution = Options('style', facecolor=Cycle(), edgecolor='black', alpha=0.5) options.Violin = Options('style', facecolors=Cycle(), showextrema=False, alpha=0.7)