Source code for holoviews.plotting.mpl.annotation

import param
import numpy as np
import matplotlib
from matplotlib import patches as patches

from ...core.util import match_spec, basestring
from ...core.options import abbreviated_exception
from .element import ElementPlot, ColorbarPlot
from .plot import mpl_rc_context

[docs]class AnnotationPlot(ElementPlot): """ AnnotationPlot handles the display of all annotation elements. """ show_legend = param.Boolean(default=False, doc=""" Whether to show legend for the plot.""") def __init__(self, annotation, **params): self._annotation = annotation super(AnnotationPlot, self).__init__(annotation, **params) self.handles['annotations'] = [] @mpl_rc_context def initialize_plot(self, ranges=None): annotation = self.hmap.last key = self.keys[-1] ranges = self.compute_ranges(self.hmap, key, ranges) ranges = match_spec(annotation, ranges) axis = self.handles['axis'] opts =[self.cyclic_index] with abbreviated_exception(): handles = self.draw_annotation(axis,, opts) self.handles['annotations'] = handles return self._finalize_axis(key, element=annotation, ranges=ranges) def update_handles(self, key, axis, annotation, ranges, style): # Clear all existing annotations for element in self.handles['annotations']: element.remove() with abbreviated_exception(): self.handles['annotations'] = self.draw_annotation(axis,, style)
[docs]class VLinePlot(AnnotationPlot): "Draw a vertical line on the axis" style_opts = ['alpha', 'color', 'linewidth', 'linestyle', 'visible'] def draw_annotation(self, axis, position, opts): if self.invert_axes: return [axis.axhline(position, **opts)] else: return [axis.axvline(position, **opts)]
[docs]class HLinePlot(AnnotationPlot): "Draw a horizontal line on the axis" style_opts = ['alpha', 'color', 'linewidth', 'linestyle', 'visible']
[docs] def draw_annotation(self, axis, position, opts): "Draw a horizontal line on the axis" if self.invert_axes: return [axis.axvline(position, **opts)] else: return [axis.axhline(position, **opts)]
[docs]class TextPlot(AnnotationPlot): "Draw the Text annotation object" style_opts = ['alpha', 'color', 'family', 'weight', 'visible'] def draw_annotation(self, axis, data, opts): (x,y, text, fontsize, horizontalalignment, verticalalignment, rotation) = data if self.invert_axes: x, y = y, x opts['fontsize'] = fontsize return [axis.text(x,y, text, horizontalalignment = horizontalalignment, verticalalignment = verticalalignment, rotation=rotation, **opts)]
class LabelsPlot(ColorbarPlot): color_index = param.ClassSelector(default=None, class_=(basestring, int), allow_None=True, doc=""" Index of the dimension from which the color will the drawn""") xoffset = param.Number(default=None, doc=""" Amount of offset to apply to labels along x-axis.""") yoffset = param.Number(default=None, doc=""" Amount of offset to apply to labels along x-axis.""") style_opts = ['alpha', 'color', 'family', 'weight', 'size', 'visible', 'horizontalalignment', 'verticalalignment', 'cmap'] _plot_methods = dict(single='annotate') def get_data(self, element, ranges, style): xs, ys = (element.dimension_values(i) for i in range(2)) tdim = element.get_dimension(2) text = [tdim.pprint_value(v) for v in element.dimension_values(tdim)] positions = (ys, xs) if self.invert_axes else (xs, ys) if self.xoffset is not None: xs += self.xoffset if self.yoffset is not None: ys += self.yoffset cdim = element.get_dimension(self.color_index) if cdim: self._norm_kwargs(element, ranges, style, cdim) cs = element.dimension_values(cdim) if cdim else None if 'size' in style: style['fontsize'] = style.pop('size') if 'horizontalalignment' not in style: style['horizontalalignment'] = 'center' if 'verticalalignment' not in style: style['verticalalignment'] = 'center' return positions + (text, cs), style, {} def init_artists(self, ax, plot_args, plot_kwargs): if plot_args[-1] is not None: cmap = plot_kwargs.pop('cmap', None) colors = list(np.unique(plot_args[-1])) vmin, vmax = plot_kwargs.pop('vmin'), plot_kwargs.pop('vmax') else: cmap = None plot_args = plot_args[:-1] texts = [] for item in zip(*plot_args): x, y, text = item[:3] if len(item) == 4 and cmap is not None: color = item[3] if plot_args[-1].dtype.kind in 'if': color = (color - vmin) / (vmax-vmin) plot_kwargs['color'] = cmap(color) else: color = colors.index(color) if color in colors else np.NaN plot_kwargs['color'] = cmap(color) texts.append(ax.text(x, y, text, **plot_kwargs)) return {'artist': texts} def teardown_handles(self): if 'artist' in self.handles: for artist in self.handles['artist']: artist.remove()
[docs]class ArrowPlot(AnnotationPlot): "Draw an arrow using the information supplied to the Arrow annotation" _arrow_style_opts = ['alpha', 'color', 'lw', 'linewidth', 'visible'] _text_style_opts = TextPlot.style_opts + ['textsize', 'fontsize'] style_opts = sorted(set(_arrow_style_opts + _text_style_opts)) def draw_annotation(self, axis, data, opts): x, y, text, direction, points, arrowstyle = data if self.invert_axes: x, y = y, x direction = direction.lower() arrowprops = dict({'arrowstyle':arrowstyle}, **{k: opts[k] for k in self._arrow_style_opts if k in opts}) textopts = {k: opts[k] for k in self._text_style_opts if k in opts} if direction in ['v', '^']: xytext = (0, points if direction=='v' else -points) elif direction in ['>', '<']: xytext = (points if direction=='<' else -points, 0) if 'textsize' in textopts: textopts['fontsize'] = textopts.pop('textsize') return [axis.annotate(text, xy=(x, y), textcoords='offset points', xytext=xytext, ha="center", va="center", arrowprops=arrowprops, **textopts)]
[docs]class SplinePlot(AnnotationPlot): "Draw the supplied Spline annotation (see Spline docstring)" style_opts = ['alpha', 'edgecolor', 'linewidth', 'linestyle', 'visible'] def draw_annotation(self, axis, data, opts): verts, codes = data if not len(verts): return [] patch = patches.PathPatch(matplotlib.path.Path(verts, codes), facecolor='none', **opts) axis.add_patch(patch) return [patch]