Source code for holoviews.plotting.mpl.comms

import uuid
import warnings

    with warnings.catch_warnings():
        from matplotlib.backends.backend_nbagg import CommSocket, new_figure_manager_given_figure
except ImportError:
    CommSocket = object
from mpl_toolkits.mplot3d import Axes3D

from ..comms import JupyterComm

mpl_msg_handler = """
/* Backend specific body of the msg_handler, updates displayed frame */
target = $('#fig_{comm_id}');
img = $('<div />').html(msg);
target.children().each(function () {{ $(this).remove() }})

[docs]class NbAggCommSocket(CommSocket): """ NbAggCommSocket subclasses the matplotlib CommSocket allowing the opening of a comms channel to be delayed until the plot is displayed. """ def __init__(self, manager, target=None): self.supports_binary = None self.manager = manager = uuid.uuid4().hex if target is None else target self.html = "<div id=%r></div>" % def start(self): try: # Jupyter/IPython 4.0 from ipykernel.comm import Comm except: # IPython <=3.0 from IPython.kernel.comm import Comm try: self.comm = Comm('matplotlib', data={'id':}) except AttributeError: raise RuntimeError('Unable to create an IPython notebook Comm ' 'instance. Are you in the IPython notebook?') self.comm.on_msg(self.on_message) self.comm.on_close(lambda close_message: self.manager.clearup_closed())
[docs]class NbAggJupyterComm(JupyterComm): """ Wraps a NbAggCommSocket to provide a consistent API to work for updating nbagg plots. """ def get_figure_manager(self): fig = self._plot.state count = self._plot.renderer.counter self.manager = new_figure_manager_given_figure(count, fig) # Need to call mouse_init on each 3D axis to enable rotation support for ax in fig.get_axes(): if isinstance(ax, Axes3D): ax.mouse_init() self._comm_socket = NbAggCommSocket(, manager=self.manager) return self.manager def init(self, on_msg=None): if not self._comm: self._comm_socket.start() self._comm = self._comm_socket.comm self.manager.add_web_socket(self._comm_socket) def send(self, data): if not self._comm: self.init() self._comm_socket.send_json({'type':'draw'})